4 Reasons Why Meal Prep is Important

This might not be the first time you have heard about meal prep. For sure, you have seen hundreds of pictures and recipes on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and other websites. Have you ever wondered why a lot of people are hooked on meal preparations? Gym goers, health-conscious individuals, students, and dozens more embrace the concept of meal preparation.

People who do meal prep are on the grind in the kitchen every weekend. Yes, once you decide to pursue this method of preparing your meals, you’ll have to say goodbye for some Netflix time, shopping or football during the weekend. However, sacrificing three hours of your time during the weekends will let you save more money and more vacant time during the weekdays.

Meal preparation is not for your Instagram posts, it is a way for you to manage the food you eat as well as keep yourself on track. If you are not doing meal prep, then here are 4 reasons why you should start preparing your meals immediately:

Let you save time

We often complain each day that we do not have enough time or we are too exhausted to cook our meals. Some of us prefer to eat instant foods, canned goods, or eat at any fast-food chain. Unknowingly, we have unhealthy food choices that are high caloric, fat-packed canned goods with too much preservative.

By preparing meals for a week, we are assured that we have nutritious, healthy and quality food meals within our grasp. It lets us save time, money and a serious amount of calories.

Let’s you save thousands of bucks

It is a misconception that eating fast food is way cheaper than purchasing food from the grocery store and cooking it yourself. It’s time to squash this mindset.

Preparing your food during the weekend lets you save money and time. It would also allow you to lose weight rather than your wallet. Take for example when you purchase a chicken bowl in a shop versus cooking your own chicken bowl at home.

Purchased Chicken Bowl

1 Cup Rice

½ Cup Black Beans

Double Chicken ? 8 oz.

¼ Cup Shredded Cheese

1 Cup Chopped Lettuce

Total Price: $9.56


Home Made Chicken Bowl:

1 Cup Rice = $0.17

½ Cup Black Beans = $0.20

8 oz. Chicken = $1.50

¼ Cup Shredded Cheese = $0.37

1 Cup Chopped Lettuce = $0.10

Total Price: $2.34


If you prepare your own chicken bowl every day you will be able to save over $7 for one meal. When you prepare your meals ahead, you lose fat, gain muscle and earn extra cash.

Good for your health

Restaurants, canned goods, and fast foods use preservatives that are harmful to your body. When you prepare your own food, you know that it is safe to eat and it is made from quality ingredients.

Helps you keep on track

Having your sustenance arranged for your whole week is the best and least demanding approach to keep you on track with your nourishment objectives. Regardless of whether you are planning to shed pounds or put on weight, you should have a plan regarding how much you should be eating daily.

By preparing your meals and dividing it into portions, you will surely be on track and have a healthy eating lifestyle.

Before anything else, the most important thing in meal prep is for you to have durable food containers. Preferably containers that can both withstand heat and cold. Here’s a good deal for you, a 10-pack Bento Box with 2 compartments.

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